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Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle with Fresh Salad

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black seaweed, green seaweed, lettuce, egg

Spinach, carrots, sesame oil Allergy Alert: Contains Sesame


Perfect Accompaniment for Your Main Course

A delightful miso soup with fresh seafood and wakame, featuring...

A savory miso soup crafted with aged Japanese white miso...

12,000 DT

Three fresh shrimp marinated in a homemade blend of Cajun...

Fried chicken with Japanese sauce

29,000 DT36,000 DT

(Cabbage Pancake) A Japanese savory 'pancake' made of flour, water,...

22,000 DT31,000 DT

Japanese-Style Grilled Cabbage and Beef Ravioli Allergens: Sesame Oil


rice dish made with Japanese rice cooked in a dedicated pot.

Onigiri (おにぎり / 御握り) is a Japanese culinary preparation consisting...

Large portion of rice, fried chicken, onion, steamed omelette It...

Large portion of rice, grilled beef 150g, vegetables ※ Allergy...

Yakisoba (Stir-fried thin noodles)

Stir-fried thin noodles

Yakisoba (stir-fried noodle) inspired by Vongole Bianco, balancing clam broth,...

Yakisoba are thin noodles sautéed very popular in Japan, these...

Thin stir-fried noodles, accompanied by thinly sliced beef (150g)


homemade thin noodles.

Dry noodles mixed with a savory soy-based sauce, green onions,...

Thin noodles, broth made with fermented miso paste (spicy 🌶️🌶️),...

25,000 DT39,000 DT

Thin noodles, soy-based broth, seaweed, half egg. (Note: The "classic"...

Thick Noodles (Udon)

homemade thin noodles Udon noodles

Thick noodles with fried chicken in teriyaki sauce. Udon noodles,...

Spicy🌶 Udon noodles and quality minced meat are stir-fried in...

30,000 DT39,000 DT

Thick noodle soup: (thick noodles, crunchy tempura flakes, leeks, egg,...


6,500 DT

Non-Alcoholic Beer

3,500 DT
3,500 DT

Grande bouteille d'eau 1,5L / Large water bottle 1.5L

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